Bob Bozic

Interviewed By Jason Solarek

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christmas (00:16)
Serbian (00:20)
bartender from fanelli (00:45)
Likes to help build others ego's (00:58)
He's been working there for 25-26 years (01:20)
Mercer/Prince (01:37)
1840's (01:40)
speakeasy (01:41)
the owner sold the restaurant to his son (01:44)
1984 (02:26)
1993 (02:34)
Hans/Sasha (02:42)
the original owner was Mike Fanelli was a boxer (03:16)
To renovate something they need consent from the government (03:30)
escape hidden doors (03:31)
There were once rooms that the original owners used to have (03:40)
The original owners got raided (03:45)
Soho was used to be a place to observe art (04:07)
There was once galleries (04:23)
drinking (05:00)
fanelli's stayed (05:12)
landmarked (05:22)
bartender (05:55)
boxing gym (06:12)
3 days (06:19)
1 year later (06:32)
hired (06:48)
1991 (09:22)
married (09:30)
Park Slope (09:36)
Dean and DeLuca (09:57)
original (09:59)
worker's bar (10:08)
the Bob Plan (10:20)
Belgrade (47:56)


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Date of Interview
January 8, 2016
Location of Interview
Mulberry Street Library
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