Robert E. Rambusch

Interviewed By Sharon Woolums

Robert E. Rambusch has lived in Greenwich Village since 1945. He is a veteran of World War II and before his marriage lived in his parent’s home at 19 Washington Square North while working as an artist in the family business on West 13th Street. His wife Nancy was an educator and the couple was swept into the political fervor of the 1960s. After living in a number of apartments in the Village Bob bought his father’s apartment at One Fifth Avenue where he still works as a consultant on stained glass windows and mosaics. According to Bob, Greenwich Village is a haven for creative people and the only place to live if you want to stay young. (Summary Written By: Elizabeth Downs)

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Bob Rambusch (00:12)
WWII (00:18)
1942 (00:20)
1942 (00:21)
overseas (00:23)
Indian (00:26)
Italy (00:31)
Dachau (00:38)
SS (00:44)
bury corpses (00:51)
1945 (00:54)
Washington Sq (01:05)
40 W 13th st (01:18)
family firm (01:19)
theaters (01:25)
religious buildings (01:38)
1951 (01:43)
16th st/3rd ave (01:50)
"L" train (01:54)
West 4th st (02:01)
Columbia Teachers College (02:09)
Univ of Toronto (02:11)
Montessori degree (02:28)
Sorbonne (02:32)
Univ of Mass (02:37)
Doctorate (02:40)
Harvard, Yale, Tufts (02:42)
Yale (02:49)
education (02:54)
American Montessori Society (02:57)
1500 Montessori schools (03:00)
racial (03:06)
St Lukes Place (03:21)
138 E 4th (03:34)
Women's House of Detention (03:47)
civil rights (04:49)
The Catholic Worker (05:03)
East 3rd st (05:12)
1st st/1st ave (05:19)
W. 4th st (05:30)
1 5th ave (05:43)
apt 13H (05:46)
shelter program (06:14)
The Senior Center (06:46)
volunteer (06:53)
1 5th ave (07:04)
consultant & artist (07:06)
windows & mosaics (07:10)
25 ctaholic cathedrals (07:17)
historic (07:19)
90 years old (07:39)
National Communist Conferences (08:43)
Calcutta (09:25)
steerage (09:27)
no food (11:13)
political fervor (11:41)
Washington Sq Art Exhibit (11:55)
Univ of Toronto (12:43)
Canadian Army (12:51)
not too serious (18:50)
historic (18:53)
skyscrapers (19:25)
NYU (19:28)
town & gown (19:33)
annexed by NYU (19:46)
Edgar Allen Poe (19:52)
no taxes (20:29)
Bob Dylan (21:35)
concerts (23:07)
Judson Mamorial (23:10)
stay young (26:38)
The Glass Menagarie (26:54)
NYC Opera (27:41)
East 80th (29:39)
Yorkville (29:42)
progressive schools (30:05)
Judson Memorial (35:21)
800 books donated (36:51)
see the village and live (37:44)
St Mary's Paddington (38:20)


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Interview Data

Date of Interview
January 9, 2014
Location of Interview
Jefferson Market Library
Date of birth
January 4, 1924
Place of birth
Brooklyn, New York
Artist; Consultant
Dates in Neighborhood
1945 to time of interview
Rambusch Company, founded in 1898, is dedicated to the enhancement of both historic and contemporary architectural buildings such as theaters, opera houses and churches. Storyteller Robert E. Rambusch and interviewer Sharon Woolums are friends.
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