Cynthia Crane

Interviewed By Maury Hopson

Cynthia Crane is a singer / songwriter / producer / activist from a third generation New York family. In 1968 Cynthia and her husband bought a brownstone on West 11th Street where they lived for over 40 years. Cynthia talks about organizing a neighborhood association and holding block parties. Greenwich Village was the first neighborhood in the city to be landmarked but the battles over real estate development have never stopped. (Summary Written By: Elizabeth Downs)

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IRT - Impossible Ragtime Theater (00:02)
Greenwich Village (01:23)
1968 (01:28)
John T. Stanley (01:56)
High Line (02:09)
12th Avenue & 30th Street (02:28)
Crane Oxygen and Ambulance (02:54)
Lenox Hill (03:29)
Hearts and Voices (03:47)
Garden (04:23)
Brownstones on 11th Street (04:42)
Rhinelander Gardens (04:59)
My New York (05:24)
Rhinelander Gardens (05:31)
Greenwich Street (05:52)
Stables on 90th Street (06:09)
11th Street (06:47)
Landmarking (07:07)
Women's House of Detention (07:26)
Margo Gale (08:17)
Old Jeff (08:44)
Weathermen (09:10)
Block Association (09:48)
7th Avenue and 11th Street (10:47)
Eton Patz (11:20)
Halloween (11:51)
Wedding on Christopher Street (13:14)
Block Parties Ray's Pizza (13:45)
Johnny Marks (14:11)
Julianne Moore (14:18)
Christie Turlington (14:20)
Jillian Schnab (14:24)
Jimi Hendrix (14:50)
Gershwin (15:01)
East Village (15:28)
8BC Performance Space (15:36)
Hurricane Sandy (15:46)
8th Street (15:59)
Electric Lady (16:15)
St. Vincent's (16:41)
friends (17:19)
Caberet (17:26)
Sutters Bakery (17:31)
restaurants (17:34)
garden (17:40)
Greenwich Ave (17:42)
The Paper House (17:55)
fought (18:03)
Ted opening (18:05)
Mercer Arts Center (18:09)
fancy hotel (18:16)
Diamond Jim Brady (18:18)
Lillian Russell (18:20)
theater (23:35)
IRT - Impossible Ragtime Theater (23:38)
10 years (23:42)
directors theater (23:45)
cabaret (24:13)
Princess Margaret (24:33)
Judy Garland (24:37)
Tell the Princess if she cristens a battleship I'll sing a song (25:00)
singing (25:39)


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Interview Data

Date of Interview
May 26, 2014
Location of Interview
Jefferson Market Library
Place of birth
Manhattan, New York
Singer; Performer
Dates in Neighborhood
1968 to 2011
Birth Year
Storyteller Cynthia Crane and interviewer Maury Hopson are former neighbors.
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