Dean Spade

Interviewed By Nadia Awad

Dean Spade relates his journey and politicization first through the support of his mother in conservative Virginia, his first tastes of feminism and increasingly his work to provide support and resources through the Sylvia Rivera Law Project, advocating for transgender, intersex and gender non-conforming low income communites and people of color. Spade's story spans from Virginia and back and forth between New York and California. Working at a LGBTQ bookstore by day, promoting queer nightlife and involving himself in New York's community activism, Dean pursued law while developing a sharp sense of the limitations of institutional change. He shares both his personal experiences as well as grounding insights regarding the nature of social change, ending with a reflection on the current political climate. (Summary by Kirsten Adorian.)

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Dean Spade (00:06)
Bedford-Stuyvesant (00:08)
Trans Oral History Project (00:12)
San Diego (00:34)
Bay Area (00:43)
Virginia (00:59)
Batesville (01:12)
rural (01:26)
migrant (02:17)
farm worker (02:19)
race (03:33)
class (03:34)
segregated (03:44)
60's (05:17)
hippy (05:19)
dad (08:21)
Germany (08:30)
Holocaust (08:41)
gender (11:06)
sexism (11:14)
Salt-N-Pepa (11:38)
Tramp (11:52)
feminist (12:08)
racism (12:10)
Reagan (12:36)
Republicans (12:44)
Christian (13:43)
Susan Faludi (14:39)
Backlash (14:44)
The Handmaid's Tale (19:15)
foster parents (19:22)
legal guardianship (22:15)
Social Security (22:41)
Survivor's Benefits (22:43)
college (24:26)
U.C. Santa Cruz (24:33)
lesbian (24:53)
feminist (25:15)
Wendy Chapkis (29:24)
sit-in (29:47)
queer politics (30:32)
Audre Lorde (30:40)
Barnard (30:52)
Ann Pellegrini (35:13)
A Different Light Bookstore (35:27)
Meow Mix (37:17)
dyke clubs (37:19)
Wow party (37:37)
gay ink (38:12)
GLAAD (38:17)
Lambda (38:18)
National LGBTQ Task Force (38:22)
Giuliani (42:58)
Sex Panic (45:42)
zine (47:36)
Swallow Your Pride (47:37)
Gay Shame (47:50)
Communal Housing Space (47:56)
Dumbo (47:57)
Gay Pride (48:02)
Tenant Organizing (48:06)
Immigration (48:08)
law school (52:46)
UCLA (52:53)
Housing Works (56:14)
Prop 209 (56:55)
Kim Crenshaw (01:00:23)
Cheryl Harris (01:00:25)
Laura Gómez (01:00:26)
Devon Carbado (01:00:27)
Critical Race Theorists (01:00:28)
trans (01:09:35)
chest surgery (01:09:49)
LGBTQ Center (01:11:33)
Callen Lorde (01:12:56)
therapist (01:14:23)
trauma issues (01:14:26)
transphobic (01:15:17)
hormones (01:16:16)
medical (01:17:17)
CUNY Law School (01:17:26)
Welfare Clinic (01:17:35)
World Trade Center (01:21:17)
Off The Map (01:23:30)
World Economic Forum (01:24:55)
protests (01:24:59)
Grand Central Station (01:25:08)
bathroom (01:25:13)
arrested (01:25:16)
clerkship (01:25:19)
Sylvia Rivera Law Project (01:27:00)
court-appointed lawyer (01:28:07)
prison (01:28:21)
genitals (01:29:02)
gender enforcement (01:30:00)
Sylvia Rivera (01:30:21)
poverty law (01:30:55)
trans and gender nonconforming (01:30:56)
Urban Justice Center (01:31:00)
collective structure (01:41:31)
Naomi Clark (01:41:43)
Daniel McGee (01:41:46)
Gabriel Arkles (01:41:50)
steering committee (01:41:56)
May First Technology Collective (01:42:08)
Sonia Seevesend (01:43:04)
trans space (01:43:21)
funding (01:44:45)
Incite! (01:45:14)
Cole Taylor (01:51:26)
prison abolition (01:51:33)
allies (01:53:00)
FIERCE (01:53:09)
Audre Lorde Project (01:53:10)
Queers for Economic Justice (01:53:12)
Ricky Monenzala (01:55:51)
dismantling racism (01:56:59)
white supremacist (02:17:54)
anti-immigrant (02:17:55)
white rich settlers (02:19:40)
U.S. Empire (02:20:35)
George W. Bush (02:20:43)
Progressive (02:20:54)
leftist (02:23:53)
push to the right (02:23:56)
white supremacy (02:24:12)
colonialism (02:24:56)
feminist (02:24:57)
queer politics (02:24:59)
anti-war (02:25:08)
anti-police (02:25:09)
inclusion politics (02:25:38)
conservative (02:25:57)
assimilationist (02:26:08)
legitimate trans (02:27:24)
able-bodied (02:28:01)
pink-washing (02:28:53)
Reina Gossett (02:32:53)
nobody (02:33:06)
somebody (02:33:15)
disposable (02:33:23)
ACLU (02:35:38)
pledge (02:35:40)
mutual aid (02:37:31)
carpool (02:38:53)
prison (02:38:55)
childcare (02:39:08)
public spectacle (02:39:38)
Union of Welfare Recipients (02:44:52)
reproductive injustice (02:45:31)
social media (02:46:36)
psychological wage (02:46:39)
social affirmation (02:49:04)
gay-famous (02:51:55)


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Interview Data

Date of Interview
April 24, 2017
Location of Interview
Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, New York
Place of birth
San Diego, California
Law Professor
Gender Pronouns
Birth Year
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