Detective Thomas Troppmann

Interviewed By Arlene Schulman

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detective thomas troppman (00:07)
34th precinct (00:08)
30 years (00:34)
patrol (00:51)
likes patrol (01:10)
help and interact (01:22)
interact (01:23)
different every day (01:37)
1987 (01:46)
1988 (01:52)
highest crimes (02:01)
homicides (02:03)
100 murders (02:10)
2 (02:19)
keep intact (02:53)
Baby Hope (03:30)
cooler (03:35)
Highbridge Pool (04:13)
Dominican Republic (04:25)
extradition (04:26)
interview (04:42)
lifeguard (05:41)
stray bullet (05:46)
155 to 181 west of bdwy (06:21)
rubber bodies (06:59)
fake (07:19)
protection (07:31)
drug dealers (07:50)
inspector useck (08:20)
quotas (10:57)
upping (11:04)
baltimore community policing (11:58)
nco neighborhood coordinating officer (13:31)
tips (14:12)
11 kids (15:06)
illegal chokehold (20:18)
never fired gun (25:48)
edwin rodriquez (27:53)
cameras (32:20)
gun (33:49)
magazine (33:51)
pepper spray/mace (33:54)
baton (34:01)
radio (34:03)
handcuffs (34:04)
phone (34:26)
i phone (35:14)
naxolone (36:25)
20 lbs (36:54)
queens (38:12)
sister (39:00)
college (39:24)
tests (40:53)
forest hills h.s. (41:27)
promotional tests (42:14)
would not be on patrol (42:48)
how many people do you know that go to work every day love what they do; to me that is priceless (43:38)
happy to go to work (43:41)
supervising not doing (43:50)
noise (44:10)
patterns (44:12)
311 calls (44:21)
1st generation (45:13)
quality of life issues (45:54)
birds (46:05)
comfort zone (46:41)
changes (46:48)
natural born entrepreneurs (47:49)
work multiple jobs (48:05)
need their sleep (48:06)
don't try to change (51:04)
emotional issues (51:26)
people are very giving (52:03)
to years left (52:44)
Dirty 30 (01:01:51)
15 commanding officers (01:04:51)
bratton and o'neil (01:05:12)
love washington heights/Inwood (01:05:33)
my community (01:05:42)
detective specialist (01:05:50)
investigating (01:06:27)
youth (01:06:45)
NCO (01:06:52)
email and text (01:07:27)
repeat customers (01:08:16)
make a difference (01:11:48)
end (01:12:09)

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Date of Interview
April 7, 2017
Location of Interview
34th Precinct
Detective/NYPD, Printer
Birth Year
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