Donna M. Cartwright

Interviewed By Michelle Esther O'Brien

Donna Cartwright discusses her long history in the labor movement, as a socialist militant, in leading roles in trans rights organizing and LGBTQ organizations. She recounts her 30 years spent as a New York Times copy editor, active in the left caucus within the union of employees at the New York Times, and her leadership work with Pride at Work, the LGBTQ constituency group of the labor movement's AFL-CIO. She also describes controversy in the national trans organization GenderPAC, the her leading roles in the formation of New York Association for Gender Rights Advocacy (NYAGRA), Gender Right Advocacy Association of New Jersey (GRAANJ), and the National Committee for Transgender Equality (NCTE). (Summary by Michelle Esther O'Brien.)

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1990s (00:50)
coming out as trans (01:59)
New Jersey (02:51)
New York (03:21)
Christine Jorgensen (03:45)
1965 (05:02)
John Hopkins University Gender Clinic (05:17)
activist (06:42)
Civil Rights Movement (06:51)
1964 Democratic Convention in Atlantic City (07:26)
Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (07:42)
Lyndon Johnson (08:05)
Hubert Humphrey (08:23)
Walter Mondale (08:36)
Fannie Lou Hamer (09:23)
Students for a Democratic Society (09:58)
Baltimore CORE (10:03)
fair housing (10:13)
Civil Rights Act of 1964 (10:44)
NAACP (11:13)
anti-Vietnam War demonstrations (12:15)
ROTC (12:31)
socialist (12:59)
1966 (13:08)
magistrate's trial and conviction (14:31)
ACLU (15:10)
U.S. Supreme Court (15:50)
1970 (15:51)
Baltimore Sun (16:47)
union shop (16:57)
labor movement (18:00)
trans identity (18:25)
1974 (19:28)
female impersonator laws (20:14)
arrest (20:41)
The New York Times (24:13)
1977 (24:24)
move to New York (24:54)
2006 (25:15)
labor activist (25:21)
shop steward (25:22)
chief steward (25:27)
national convention delegate (25:34)
trans identity (25:53)
1986 (26:21)
Deborah Heller Feinbloom (27:10)
Renee Richards (27:28)
Second Serve (27:31)
trans identity (27:52)
sexuality (28:03)
sexual orientation (28:57)
gender fluid (29:21)
transsexual (29:35)
Renee Richards (30:09)
possible variant (30:48)
transsexual (31:28)
transgender (31:35)
trans sex workers (32:39)
trans identity (33:46)
gay and lesbian employees at The New York Times (34:07)
domestic partner benefits (34:13)
nondiscrimination clause (34:14)
Newspaper Guild (34:18)
organizing at The New York Times (34:25)
1994 (37:06)
Hollywood Androgyny (38:07)
Rebecca Bell-Metereau (38:09)
androgyny (38:25)
gender fluid (38:36)
running for union office (39:12)
1995 (40:05)
trans identity (40:54)
Ilana Berger (41:55)
The LGBT Center (42:53)
CUNY Graduate Center (43:22)
Jamison Green (43:26)
Kim Coco Iwamoto (43:29)
Rosalyne Blumenstein (43:38)
Gender Identity Project at the LGBT Center (43:42)
Antonia Gilligan (44:22)
gender confirmation surgery (44:39)
1996 (45:32)
trans support groups (46:28)
endocrinologist (46:44)
Ilana Berger (46:51)
Barbara Warren (47:24)
trans and political identities converge (47:55)
social and economic disadvantage in trans community (48:13)
sex workers (49:36)
welfare (49:37)
informal economy (49:46)
trans movement (50:06)
1996 (50:37)
transition (50:39)
The New York Times (50:46)
The Association of LGBTQ Journalists (51:05)
Joe Lelyveld (51:16)
portrayal of trans people in The New York Times (51:40)
Priscilla Queen of the Desert (52:00)
Terence Stamp (52:02)
coming out (55:01)
1997 (55:20)
trans rights at work (55:34)
Dan Clifton (55:42)
Linda Foley (56:55)
Randy Furst (57:40)
Minneapolis Star Tribune (57:41)
Organizing in the Newspaper Guild (57:45)
Barry Lipton (01:00:50)
trans rights protection from the Newspaper Guild (01:01:18)
Anna Padilla (01:01:32)
coming out as trans at work (01:02:26)
1998 (01:02:30)
NY Daily News (01:05:50)
New York Post (01:05:51)
New York Observer (01:06:02)
appearance on The View (01:06:19)
Tyra Hunter (01:08:27)
gay and lesbian history (01:09:50)
trans history (01:09:52)
Transgender Tapestry (01:10:00)
Chrysalis (01:10:04)
Transsexual News Telegraph (01:10:07)
Brandon Teena (01:10:15)
National Gender Lobby Day (01:10:38)
GenderPAC (01:11:02)
New York Association for Gender Rights Advocacy (NYAGRA) (01:11:20)
New York City (01:12:49)
New York (01:12:50)
New Jersey (01:12:52)
Maryland (01:12:53)
New York State 1999 anti-discrimination bill (01:13:07)
Cathy Brennan (01:13:40)
Pride at Work (01:14:05)
Miriam Frank (01:14:08)
February 1965 anti-war event in Washington, D.C. (01:14:14)
GenderPAC (01:14:30)
Riki Wilchins (01:14:49)
2000 (01:15:30)
Gina Reiss (01:15:36)
resignation from board of GenderPAC (01:17:20)
First Event (01:20:24)
Southern Comfort Transgender Conference (01:20:27)
Deborah Glick (01:22:43)
New York Association for Gender Rights Advocacy (NYAGRA) (01:23:52)
Pauline Park (01:24:00)
Paisley Currah (01:24:01)
Founding the Gender Rights Advocacy Association of New Jersey (GRAANJ) (01:24:10)
Carla Enriquez case (01:24:59)
Lisa Mottet (01:25:34)
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (01:25:35)
gender identity protection in New Jersey's Law Against Discrimination (01:25:46)
Mara Keisling (01:26:45)
creation of the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) (01:26:47)
2002 (01:29:31)
True Spirit Conference (01:29:36)
Human Rights Campaign (HRC) (01:31:19)
GenderPAC (01:31:22)
National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) (01:31:33)
Pride at Work (01:31:59)
Coalition of Labor Union Women (01:32:39)
A. Phillip Randolph Institute (01:32:45)
Coalition of Black Trade Unionists (01:32:54)
Labor Council for Latin American Advancement (01:32:59)
Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance (01:33:06)
National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) (01:35:09)
National Transgender Advocacy Coalition (01:35:33)
2008 (01:37:57)
Labor Campaign for Single Payer (01:38:08)
Labor Notes (01:38:17)
International Socialists (01:38:37)
Troublemaker's Handbook (01:40:52)
coming out as trans (01:41:37)
trans youth (01:42:22)
The Wachowskis (01:43:06)
Orange is the New Black (01:43:15)
Janet Mock (01:43:19)
Transamerica (01:43:37)
Susan Stryker "Screaming Queens" (01:43:47)
The Crying Game (01:44:02)
Trump (01:44:26)
trans bathroom bills (01:44:30)
parents' jobs/backgrounds (01:48:22)
The Depression (01:49:22)
Montclair State University (01:51:10)
Maplewood, NJ (01:53:04)
Christine Jorgensen (01:55:48)
gender training (01:57:16)
segregated upbringing (01:57:57)
racism (01:58:17)
Maplewood Fair Housing Council (01:59:06)
Newark (01:59:36)
Martin Luther King and Southern Christian Leadership Conference (02:03:24)
1963 (02:04:11)
Children of Birmingham (02:04:19)
James Meredith (02:05:07)
1963 March on Washington (02:05:21)
Birmingham bombing of 16th Street Baptist Church (02:06:09)
Kennedy assassination (02:07:12)
Freedom Summer (02:07:50)
transition (02:08:57)
Labor Notes (02:09:19)
racism (02:10:15)
Selma March (02:10:29)
Baltimore friends of SNCC (02:10:44)
Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) (02:11:54)
Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) (02:11:58)
gender and race segregation at Johns Hopkins University (02:12:01)
Walter P. Carter (02:13:04)
Jim Griffin (02:13:05)
Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) (02:13:28)
Miriam Frank (02:14:23)
Mark Rudd (02:14:35)
Free Speech Movement in Berkeley (02:14:59)
being a social justice activist while being in the ROTC (02:16:11)
February 1965 anti-war rally in Washington, D.C. (02:17:10)
I.F. Stone (02:18:09)
Kim Moody (02:18:46)
working class and socialism (02:20:40)
trans sex workers in Baltimore (02:28:07)
Johns Hopkins Gender Identity Clinic (02:28:31)
Paul McHugh (02:29:04)
study to justify the closing of Johns Hopkins Gender Identity Clinic (02:29:16)
trans backlash around Janice Raymond's The Transsexual Empire (02:30:33)
lesbian anti-trans current (02:31:01)
trans identity (02:32:13)
anti-trans violence (02:32:37)
trans history (02:33:30)
1980s (02:33:58)
trans people driven into hiding (02:34:19)
Chrissy Lee Polis (02:34:51)
coming out as trans (02:36:29)
passing (02:37:54)
participation in socialist movement (02:39:44)
Young People's Socialist League (02:40:12)
Berkeley Independent Socialist Club (02:40:59)
Hal Draper (02:41:07)
Socialist Workers Party (02:41:13)
Workers Party (02:41:20)
Theodore Draper (02:42:00)
Free Speech Movement (FSM) (02:42:15)
"Two Souls of Socialism" (02:42:28)
Sy Landy (02:42:38)
Baltimore Independent Socialist Union (02:42:51)
"Toward the Working Class" (02:43:08)
Steve Kindred (02:43:53)
Independent Socialist Club (02:44:22)
The Weathermen (02:44:53)
Eldridge Cleaver campaign (02:45:37)
Dick Gregory (02:45:58)
Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) (02:46:09)
Bill Ayers (02:46:47)
Bernadine Dorn (02:46:48)
Cathy Wilkerson (02:46:55)
Progressive Labor Party (PL) (02:47:00)
1969 SDS Convention (02:47:16)
Founding of International Socialists (IS) (02:48:07)
Detroit (02:50:47)
Hal Draper (02:51:41)
Revolutionary Socialist League (RSL) (02:52:27)
Steve Kindred (02:53:40)
Teamsters for a Democratic Union (TDU) (02:53:44)
United Autoworkers (UAW) (02:53:58)
1973-74 recession (02:54:19)
oil crisis (02:54:24)
"Right Turn" by Thomas Ferguson (02:54:33)
International Socialist Organization (ISO) (02:54:50)
Workers Power (02:54:54)
Coalition of Labor Union Women (CLUW) (02:58:37)
Betsy Wade (02:58:39)
Labor Notes (02:59:11)
Workers Power (03:00:07)
Socialist Action (03:00:40)
Socialist Unity (03:00:45)
1987 (03:01:50)
Solidarity (03:02:25)
LGBT work in Solidarity (03:03:14)
Against the Current (03:03:24)
Solidarity Summer School (03:04:23)
Obama election (03:05:16)
Robert Rubin (03:06:23)
Larry Summers (03:06:25)
Timothy Geithner (03:06:27)
1992 (03:06:38)
Sam Farber (03:06:39)
Clinton (03:06:46)
Lloyd Bentsen (03:06:48)
universal health care (03:07:35)
Democratic Party (03:08:00)
Clinton health care plan (03:08:12)
Affordable Care Act (ACA) (03:09:01)
Solidarity in Baltimore (03:10:14)
Pride at Work (03:10:29)
2009 (03:10:45)
Nancy Wohlforth (03:10:56)
Jeremy Bishop (03:11:51)
becoming co-president of Pride at Work (03:12:18)
Stan Kiino (03:13:24)
Peggy Shorey (03:13:44)
coming out to parents as trans (03:15:43)
"True Selves" (03:17:05)


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December 23, 2017
Location of Interview
NYU Department of Sociology
Place of birth
Hackensack, New Jersey
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she, her
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