Douglas Dunn

Interviewed By Yukie Ohta

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Dancers Building (00:29)
isolated (00:43)
hyper-active (01:03)
sports (01:20)
Princeton (01:38)
Joffery School (01:57)
Ballet (02:14)
prep school Conn (02:36)
Elizabeth St (03:06)
1968 (03:08)
divorce (04:30)
Merce Cunningham Studio (04:49)
At the Merce Cunningham Studio made me really want to dance and I felt a connection to dance as a profession (05:01)
profession (05:06)
studio (05:07)
company (05:31)
Twyla Tharp (05:37)
Sara Rudner (06:01)
541 broadway (06:10)
duo (07:48)
loft (08:10)
10 years (09:06)
Lucinda Childa (09:07)
Trisha Brown (09:08)
49,000$ (11:36)
partnership (11:40)
125,000$ store (12:19)
legalize building (12:39)
husband (15:35)
$325,000 (18:20)
borrow inheritance (18:24)
agree (20:23)
approval (20:38)
1982 (21:31)
2016 (21:34)
make work (21:42)
35 sq feet (22:15)
35 x 35 (22:46)
10 feet for cameras (22:51)
nature (23:36)
perform (24:01)
languages (24:15)
spanish (24:58)
Sierra Nevada (25:45)
son (26:07)
NC, SC (26:23)
New England (26:54)
seasons (27:53)
all over (27:59)
other cities (28:01)
nothing compares with NY (28:14)
nothing comes close (28:16)
ny (28:20)
Martha Graham (28:29)
Westbeth (28:54)
1970's (30:19)
space was cheap (30:21)
some people renting (30:23)
some bought (30:25)
party every nite (30:32)
collaborated (31:19)
focus on dance (31:22)
medium (31:33)
liberal (31:42)
wild and fertile (32:05)
touring (35:39)
there was always just enough money to keep going (35:50)
National Endowment (35:52)
France (36:00)
self producing (36:31)
poets, painters (37:56)
rent out (37:58)
salons (38:00)
outside management (40:02)
over mortgaged (40:03)
corrupt (40:14)
basements (40:55)
rent out space (40:57)
paying tenants (41:06)
outside management (41:19)
stable (41:26)
maintatined building (41:43)
if can't dance (41:46)
promoting and furthering (42:16)
dance (42:18)
other way (42:25)
love (46:16)
California (51:25)
rent (51:37)
diverse (52:01)
company (52:11)
Ailey (52:45)
Paul Taylor (52:47)
Martha Graham (52:48)
pick-up work (52:50)
promoting (55:40)
furthering (55:50)
salons (55:52)

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Date of Interview
June 20, 2016
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