Ernest Tornincasa and Elizabeth Talmo

Interviewed By Madeline DiLorenzo

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South Bronx; 148th Street; College Avenue (00:30)
1979; Morris Park; private home; 2-family house (00:38)
parents (00:49)
Pelham Bay Park; location; (01:17)
location; convenience to Manhattan (01:25)
street names; Rhinelander Avenue; Paulding Avenue; Neal Avenue (02:08)
South Bronx; 148th Street (02:15)
Lincoln Hospital; 1960s; (02:26)
Olinville Avenue; Gun Hill Road (02:48)
1979; move to Manhattan (02:59)
Upper West Side (03:02)
neighborhood change (03:38)
Paulding Avenue; street names (03:51)
St. Clare's RC Church (03:57)
ethnic change; Italians (04:21)
ethnic change; Italians; Albanians; common values (05:05)
common values (05:51)
family oriented groups (06:05)
Lincoln Hospital; 1960s; (07:04)
Metro North Rail Road (07:40)
1979; move to Morris Park (07:59)
bricklayers (08:13)
Hunter College in the Bronx; Lehman College (08:57)
Lehman College (09:07)
early childhood teacher (09:25)
employment counselor (09:52)
stoop games; card games (10:20)
PS 18 (10:48)
Citibank; family relationships (11:34)
1979; (13:09)
working class area (13:41)
sense of community (14:13)
neighbors (14:27)
changing demographics (15:00)
immigrants (15:24)
Illinois; neighbors (15:50)
employment; housing inspector (16:06)
siblings (16:34)
Morris Park (17:43)
City Island; fishing (18:13)
East 224th Street; White Plains Road; street names (18:48)
Jamaica; Caribbean Islands; ethnic change (19:17)
grandmother (20:08)
ethnic groups; changing demographics; Italian; Jewish (20:59)
shopping (21:02)
changing demographics (21:22)
Albert Einstein Hospital (22:03)
Intervale Avenue (25:09)
Upper West Side (26:56)
Golden Eagle Diner (27:28)
Catholic Charities (28:51)
149th Street Subway Station (29:59)
Baychester Mall (30:46)
Patricia's restaurant (31:21)
Patsy's Pizzeria (31:57)
summer jobs; manual labor (32:52)
father; bricklayer (34:26)
first job; bricklayer (34:33)
employment; housing inspector (34:46)
Throgg's Neck; Pelham Bay; bricklayer (35:02)
Brady Avenue (35:47)
neighbors (36:16)
changing demographics; ethnic groups (39:18)
Upper West Side; Affluent area (40:21)


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Date of Interview
December 9, 2014
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Voices from East of Bronx Park: An Oral History Project of the Allerton, Van Nest, Pelham Parkway and Morris Park Communities

Voices from East of Bronx Park is an oral history project that works to both preserve and document the neighborhood history of the Allerton, Pelham Parkway, Morris Park, and Van Nest communities through the stories of people who have experienced it. The project will collect oral histories of people who live in neighborhoods east of Bronx Park and train community members to conduct these interviews. Longtime residents and those who have worked in these neighborhoods are invited to share their stories, documenting an important past and present history. Interviews will be preserved at The Milstein Division of United States History, Local History, and Genealogy. Interviews will also be available in a circulating collection and accessible on this website.