J.A. Reynolds

Interviewed By Arlene Schulman

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theater (01:15)
1965 (01:31)
70 Park Terrace East (01:37)
Harlem River (01:46)
The Bronx (01:48)
J.F.K Airport (01:52)
Pittsburgh (01:59)
segregation (05:35)
littering (07:31)
graffiti (08:37)
private school (09:20)
Central Park (09:28)
terrible schools (09:49)
social worker (10:22)
Pittsburgh Gas Company (10:37)
Pittsburgh Play House (10:46)
African story teller (11:03)
union (11:12)
Veterans Administration (11:32)
soldiers (11:45)
mentally ill veterans (11:57)
speech (12:03)
Bank Street College (12:47)
Harlem (12:50)
street smart (13:04)
racism (13:18)
social service (13:47)
police (14:04)
East Harlem (14:21)
Vienna (15:07)
social exchange (15:51)
civic group (16:14)
Park Terrace West Gang (16:36)
Isham Park Restoration Program (17:11)
Good Shepard School (18:59)
parks department (20:36)
park ranger (20:38)
Good Lutheran Church (21:10)
Sherman Ave. (21:11)
Dykman Street (24:02)
Five and Dime (24:04)
park cleanup (24:27)
New Jersey (26:27)
Wave Hill (26:59)
workshops (27:49)
5th Ave. (28:24)
The Village (28:52)
Broadway (29:25)
Italian Civil Rights Committee (29:34)
Scared Heart of Mary (32:14)
propagate (35:01)
uranus shrub (35:16)
native plants (37:09)
police cooperation (37:56)
pub; Ireland (38:48)
Port Authority Police Department (39:21)
Fashion Institute of Technology (40:32)
radio (40:45)
September 11th (45:28)
St. Luz Church (47:28)
Adrian Benepe (48:22)
green market (49:07)
Heather Garden;Fort Tryon Park (53:08)
upscale (56:25)
Donald Trump (57:19)
Walter Benton (58:07)
Russia (58:13)
Vienna (58:24)
This Is My Beloved (01:01:25)
financial security (01:03:44)
reporter local newspaper (01:05:37)
NAACP (01:06:53)
handicap (01:10:19)
inclement weather (01:10:46)
Heights Inwood Newspaper (01:12:07)
columnist (01:12:11)
Designers of Harlem (01:15:06)
Dykman Street (01:16:42)
episcopalian (01:17:48)
Koreans (01:18:11)


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Interview Data

Date of Interview
February 15, 2015
Location of Interview
Home of Storyteller
Place of birth
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Retired; Social Worker; Performer
Dates in Neighborhood
1965 to date of interview
Birth Year
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