Janise Laboard-Casimir

Interviewed By Glenda Mosley Laboard

Janise Labourd Casimir’s great, great, great uncle is John Johnson and he was the first black man to buy land in Sandy Ground. Her family helped build the Rossville AME Zion church. She was married there and although she currently lives in Queens she drives to Sandy Ground every Sunday to attend services. Janise wrote a children’s book about Sandy Ground. Her fondest memory was being able to walk to her Grandma Cooper’s house barefoot. Her grandfather played baseball in the Negro leagues for the NY Black Yankees.

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36 years old (00:30)
SI, NY (00:36)
St Francis Hospital (00:39)
1980 (00:43)
descendant (00:56)
John Jackson (01:01)
great great great uncle (01:05)
1st black man (01:13)
land in Sandy Ground (01:17)
sister (01:36)
Francis Jackson (01:48)
Glenda Mosely (02:20)
Arthur Labourd (02:26)
Jerry Mosely (02:39)
Gloria Modely (02:40)
Gloria Mosely (02:41)
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Grandma Cooper's house (15:32)
Coopers (16:58)
Landon's (17:20)
Moody-Pedros (17:35)
Henry's (19:26)
NY Black Yankees (22:06)
negro league (22:39)
honor (25:30)


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Date of Interview
September 1, 2017
Location of Interview
Home of Interviewer
Place of birth
Staten Island
U.S. Park Ranger; Nursing Student
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About This Collection

Sandy Ground Oral History Project: Preserving Staten Island's Past

Founded in 1828, Sandy Ground is the oldest continuously-inhabited free black settlement in the United States. Today, the area is home to four buildings that have been designated as historic landmarks, the oldest of which dates to 1859. The Sandy Ground Historical Society has been active since the 1970s, and continues to provide valuable educational programs to raise awareness about the heritage of the area.

During the summer of 2017, members of the Sandy Ground community were trained in how to conduct interviews through a collaboration of the Sandy Ground Historical Society, the New York Public Library, and the New York Preservation Archive Project.

After training, interviewers recorded stories from their neighbors, friends, family, and anyone with a strong connection to Sandy Ground.

All of the oral histories recorded will be available to the public at the Sandy Ground Historical Society, the New York Public Library's Milstein Division for US History, Local History, and Genealogy, as well as the New York Public Library website at oralhistory.nypl.org/sandy-ground

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