LindaAnn Loschiavo

Interviewed By Geraldine Chmil

LindaAnn Loschiavo moved to Greenwich Village as a teenager when criminal activity permeated the neighborhood. Rather than being discouraged she turned to bodybuilding for self-defense. An avid interest in both local and women’s history inspired LindaAnn to write a play ‘Courting Mae West’ which is based on a famous 1928 incident in which the Broadway star was arrested, taken to the Women’s House of Detention, and prosecuted on morals charges at Jefferson Courthouse -- which is now Jefferson Market Library. LindaAnn says traces of the old Village can still be found today. (Summary Written By: Elizabeth Downs)

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8th street (00:30)
SRO's (01:26)
drugs (01:28)
post Vietnam War (01:37)
4 Milligan Place (05:00)
21 East 10th st (06:03)
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24 5th ave (08:59)
Jefferson Market Library (09:32)
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Margaret Sanger (12:00)
Dorothy Day (12:02)
Mae West (12:07)
Feb 9, 1927 (14:05)
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Mae West Memorial Library (15:13)
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House of Detention (17:21)
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The Iceman Cometh (24:11)
Waverly Diner (24:44)
Dorothy Day (29:06)
Mae West (29:07)


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Interview Data

Date of Interview
February 27, 2014
Location of Interview
Jefferson Market Library
Place of birth
New York City
Writer; Journalist; Poet; Dramatist; Columnist
Dates in Neighborhood
Since she was a teen to time of interview.
Date of birth not given.
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