Louis D. Bailey

Interviewed By Louise Sunshine

Harlem-born Louis Bailey has fond memories of growing up in a housing project on 113th Street in the 1960s, a time when neighbors looked our for one another. A social worker by trade, today, he works to fight environmental racism -- in Harlem and throughout the United States. (Summary written by: Nancy Broderick)

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fire station (00:17)
113 & amsterdam (01:10)
4 bdrm apt (03:35)
neighborhood patrol (03:42)
115th street (04:45)
Bloomstein's (05:48)
4 movie theatres (06:03)
shoe stores (06:12)
p.s.125 (07:12)
pool, 2 gyms (07:21)
auditorium (07:24)
black & latino (08:10)
6the grade teacher (08:29)
always held in check (10:54)
1977 (11:24)
extremely hot (11:30)
black out (12:30)
looting (12:58)
12yrs old (13:02)
middle of 3 precients (13:21)
28, 25, 35 (13:23)
triangle (13:25)
born 1965 (15:57)
respect elders (20:10)
florida (20:51)
south carolina (20:53)
siedenham hospital closing (24:43)
111 & st Nicolas (25:11)
senior housing (25:17)
La Salle Jr Hi (29:57)
48th street (30:05)
Martin Luther King h.s. (31:11)
breast / pancreatic cancer (31:45)
1981, 1st year h.s. (31:51)
finish h.s. (32:06)
father (32:24)
3rd heart attach (32:56)
brother (33:30)
We are not going to be judged by the monuments we build but by the monuments we destroy (35:42)
change voice message (35:52)
environmental justice (39:15)
environmental racism (39:46)
affects communities of color (40:01)
sewage treatment plant (40:03)
marine transfer station (40:05)
6 busby poles (40:07)
small area (40:45)
bronx (42:13)
social activism (47:49)
volunteering (52:04)
teach people how to asvocate for themselves (52:17)
social services (52:29)
teach how to advocate for themselves (52:40)
We Act for Environmental Justice (53:20)
Harlem keeps evolving (54:30)


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Interview Data

Date of Interview
April 26, 2014
Location of Interview
We Act for Environmental Justice - Harlem
Date of birth
September 1, 1965
Place of birth
Harlem, NYC
Community Organizer
Dates in Neighborhood
1965 to 1997; 2013 to time of interview
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