Mike Urgo

Interviewed By Marilyn Astarita Stevenson

Mike Urgo was born and raised on Sullivan Street. During this interview Mike tells his story about growing up in Greenwich Village, his neighbors, and making money in the most inventive ways. In 1960 at the age of 16 Mike started The Château Club with his friends. The private bar ran under their ownership for 15 years during which time he saw his fair share of eventful nights. After the club was sold Mike owned a number of other enterprises in the Village, often getting his whole family involved. (Summary Written By: Georgina Johnston)

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michael urgo (00:09)
Hoboken, New Jersey (00:37)
Italy (00:48)
Sullivan Street (00:59)
Siblings (01:08)
Father's Liquor store (01:42)
105 Sullivan Street (02:48)
Father's Death (02:57)
Château Club (03:03)
Dom Taylor (03:52)
Liquor (04:32)
Fights (05:59)
Peter Demanty (06:25)
Grandmother (08:12)
Jim Bobby Orlando (09:08)
Richie Stabile (09:11)
Joe Joe Clams (09:14)
New Jersey (09:46)
Mikey Dody (10:05)
Cops (10:23)
Friends (10:57)
New Jersey (11:12)
Neighborhood (12:37)
Ms. De Rocco (12:42)
118 Sullivan Street (12:44)
Greeting Card shop (13:14)
Mafia (13:40)
Records (13:56)
Selling of Football Tickets (15:07)
Front (18:19)
Al and Sam's (18:25)
Star Discount Records (18:43)
Delmar Books (19:49)
Hallmark Cards (19:55)
Record Albums (19:59)
Selling of Star Discount Records (22:56)
Joe Action (24:01)
Bleecker Street (24:44)
Thompson street (24:48)
Eddie LaBand (25:08)
Frank D (26:21)
Broadway (26:27)
Debt (29:27)
Liquor Store (29:31)
Mother (29:46)
School (30:39)
St. Anthony's School (30:41)
Sister Vincent (31:04)
Johnny Howard (31:21)
Cherry Bomb (31:27)
School Punishment (32:35)
Convent (33:27)
Huston Street (33:29)
Sister Lucy (33:39)
St. Alphonsus School (34:43)
Sister O'Brien (35:26)
English Language (36:26)
Italian Friends (37:06)
Ps 95 (38:20)
Sloan Kettering (38:38)
6th Avenue (39:03)
Tumor (39:21)
Sausage Stand (40:40)
Jackeen (41:23)
Ralph Tardy (41:36)
Babardo (41:56)
Sanperi (42:46)
Alfred (Brother) (44:02)
Rocky (Brother) (45:20)
Rafele's Restaurant (48:36)
Courier Service (49:31)
Star Messenger (49:44)
Charles P Young (50:25)
Peter Demanty (50:45)
Frank Nagel (50:50)
Haight Street (50:56)


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Interview Data

Date of Interview
April 2, 2014
Location of Interview
Albany, New York
Date of birth
August 15, 1943
Place of birth
New York City
Child; Student; Co-owner, After-hours Joint
Dates in Neighborhood
1943 to 1970s
Storyteller Mike Urgo and interviewer Marilyn Astarita Stevenson are friends.
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