Nooria Nodrat

Interviewed By Monica Diaz

Nooria Nodrat was born in Kabul, Afghanistan and has had glaucoma her entire life. When Nooria moved to New York, she was attacked, which caused her to become completely blind. Despite her disability, Nooria continued her education, started a nonprofit organization and raised a family. (Summary Written By: Ilana Luther)

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afghanistan (01:08)
subway (01:40)
34th st and 6th ave (01:43)
became totally blind overnight (02:10)
CUNY School of Professional Studies (03:19)
MS in Disability Studies (03:30)
NYC College of Technology (03:35)
2009 (03:44)
Women and Children Foundation (03:58)
Kabul, Afghanistan (05:21)
1961 (05:24)
afghanistan (05:31)
International Languages (06:05)
afghanistan (06:12)
Pakistan (06:14)
Refugee Campus between Afghanistan and Pakistan (06:28)
Islamic groups in afghanistan (06:39)
execute (07:05)
brother was blind, deep bond (07:17)
afghanistan (10:23)
400,000 (10:46)
2.5% of country (10:49)
one hospital in whole country for visual disabilities (11:32)
Kabul (11:38)
Eye clinic (12:15)
afghanistan (12:20)
woman is always a follower (of a man) (12:45)
father and mother (16:32)
brother who was blind (16:40)
housewife, 6 kids (17:02)
mother passed away (17:35)
sisters and brothers (18:40)
afghanistan (19:14)
teacher (19:21)
teacher (19:26)
sister (19:28)
teacher (19:32)
widow, lost husband (20:02)
2 children (20:07)
sydney, australia (20:14)
pennsylvania (20:29)
2 grandkids (20:31)
michelle (20:38)
grandson (20:45)
age 5 (20:53)
brother (21:13)
radiologist (21:45)
marathon (22:46)
producer (23:06)
foundation to support children (23:37)
chairperson (24:08)
afghanistan foundation of women and children (25:03)
dick trom head of international (26:03)
10 marathons (26:30)
work out (28:14)
training during week (28:50)
1997 (29:05)
police (29:30)
immigrant (29:35)
asthma (29:48)
1997 lost sight (31:04)
doctor told her too late retina already damaged beyond repair (31:56)
retina of the eye (32:06)
glaucoma (32:18)
gas in the eye (33:11)
2003 (34:58)
prosthetic eyes (35:06)
hospital (36:29)
accept my disability, wherever i am (37:12)
accept circumstances thats what i did (37:25)
. (38:29)
patrick brown (39:35)
follow his instructions (40:18)
sight dog (40:59)
jh (41:08)
national federation of the blind (42:51)
2005 (42:56)
over 50 years (43:12)
2006 (43:35)
baltimore (43:47)
texas (44:01)
baltimore (44:02)
baltimore (44:03)
washington, dc (44:06)
new jersey (44:08)
scholarship (44:25)
summer, 2005 (44:29)
2006, texas (44:47)
. (44:54)
. (45:03)
. (45:14)
scanner (45:39)
publish books for school (45:59)
e format (46:11)
blind people to download books (46:32)
website (47:13)
webpages (47:30)
accessible for the blind (47:33)
2009 (47:55)
graduated (48:34)
. (48:45)
university (48:50)
college of teaching (48:54)
phd in psychology (49:00)
require a gre exam (49:03)
gre exam (49:15)
blind high school (49:47)
braille embosser (49:55)
braille paper (50:00)
city of new york (50:57)
afghanistan (51:09)
believe in yourself (52:02)
2nd language classes (53:51)
bonded (55:15)
god (55:20)
god (55:21)
. (55:22)
everyone has some kid of limitation (55:23)
disabilities (55:25)

Interview Data

Date of Interview
November 19, 2014
Location of Interview
Home of Storyteller
Date of birth
July 16, 1961
Place of birth
Kabul, Afganistan
Chef Assistant at One City Cafe Restaurant/Graduate of MS in Disability Studies
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