Rashida Ismaili

Interviewed By Sylvie Kande

Professor of African Literature Ismaili Abu-Bakr Rashida gives her perspective on life in Harlem and the changes taking place in the area.

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1957 (00:41)
St Nicholas Terrace (00:53)
W130th st (01:43)
Before changes (02:53)
1 year (02:57)
St Nicholas Terrace (03:05)
1983 (10:24)
1985 (10:37)
garden (13:54)
abandoned (14:43)
coop (17:55)
residential (19:24)
Arthur Miller (19:49)
Oscar Hammerstein (20:02)
Hammy (20:09)
115th st (20:17)
1960s (22:51)
condominium (36:54)
West Africa (50:58)
Ghana (51:38)
special services (01:11:39)
Black Studies (01:16:04)
Rutgers University (01:16:10)
Essex Community College (01:16:15)
Jane Cortez, Amiri Baraka (01:22:40)
confines (01:24:23)
compressed (01:24:26)
115th st library (01:29:22)
Shoemberg (01:29:38)
City College (01:29:39)
painter (01:31:01)
Shaun Walker (01:31:07)
sculptor (01:31:33)
Martin Kelly (01:31:43)
Louise (01:32:11)
Rosa Gees (01:32:17)
Alvin Ailey (01:32:37)
playwright (01:32:45)
Rodney Kindricks (01:33:31)
Tracey Ross (01:33:38)
Diana Ross's daughter (01:33:45)
Minton's (01:33:58)
Bill Saxton's (01:34:22)
Veterans Bldg (01:34:36)
American Legion (01:34:40)
Tick Tock Club (01:35:56)
Monday' free (01:36:10)
Ray Charles (01:36:24)
Lenox Lounge (01:37:08)
boarded up (01:37:10)
jazz vespers (01:37:26)
salon (01:42:24)
Serafina (01:43:24)
synogogue (01:47:59)
St Thomas (01:48:05)
resist (01:50:54)


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Interview Data

Date of Interview
March 24, 2015
Location of Interview
Home of Storyteller
Date of birth
July 12, 1940
Place of birth
West Africa
Professor of African Literature; Behavioral Studies; Academic Administrator. Currently a mentor for MA/MFA in creative writing at Wilkes University, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.
Dates in Neighborhood
1957-58; 1985 to time of interview
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