Sharon D'Lugoff

Interviewed By Laurel Lockhart

Sharon D’Lugoff’s father, Art D'Lugoff, was a music promoter who opened The Village Gate nightclub in 1958. Although it started out featuring folk music it turned into more of a jazz club built on 3 different levels including a theater where shows and revues were performed. There used to be lots of places along Bleecker Street where live music was played -- many family owned and run -- and Sharon began working with her father as a teenager. The Village Gate closed in 1994 but its famous sign still hangs at the corner of Thompson and Bleecker Streets. (Summary Written By: Elizabeth Downs)

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Harlem (00:46)
father (00:57)
every weekend (01:09)
young adult (01:10)
Bank St (01:17)
commuted for school (01:23)
Pete Seeger (01:38)
success (01:42)
1 year (02:00)
build (02:02)
1957 (02:04)
40 years (02:11)
basement (02:22)
3 tier (02:25)
3 tier (02:27)
ground 300 (02:34)
terrace 200 (02:36)
300 roof (02:39)
coat check (02:46)
Top of the Gate (02:50)
box office (03:00)
coat check (03:07)
box office (03:09)
bartender (03:13)
1994 (03:19)
worked there 40 yrs (03:44)
landmarked (04:09)
club gone, sign landmarked (04:11)
Clancey Bros (04:42)
Pete Seeger (04:43)
Rooftop Singers (04:45)
Jazz (04:48)
Aretha Franklin (04:52)
Miles Davis (04:54)
Charlie Mingus (04:58)
Saturday Nite Live (05:18)
poetry readings (06:21)
radio shows (06:23)
benefits WBAI (06:26)
apt (10:01)
Cafe au Go Go (10:40)
Kenny's Castaways (10:46)
regulars (13:02)
show at 7 (13:56)
bar (13:58)
Jonathan Larsen (14:42)
Rent (15:21)
vegetable stands (16:19)
landlord (18:59)
bank (19:02)
raised rent (19:16)
1994 (19:23)
help (19:32)
blessed (29:29)
end (30:57)


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Interview Data

Date of Interview
April 17, 2014
Location of Interview
Jefferson Market Library
Date of birth
February 26, 1961
Place of birth
Manhattan, New York
Worked at family business; The Village Gate
Dates in Neighborhood
1961 to time of interview
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