NYC Trans Oral History Project

NYPL's Community Oral History Project is teaming up with the NYC Trans Oral History Project to collect, preserve, and share oral histories from our city's transgender and gender non-conforming communities. 

We'll be training a community corps of interviewers to collect these largely undocumented oral histories in order to build a lasting and expansive archive on NYC transgender experiences.

About the NYC Trans Oral History Project:

Inspired by the public history activism of projects like the ACT UP Oral History Project, the New York City Trans Oral History Project is a collective of scholar-activists confronting the historical erasure of transgender people from lesbian and gay histories and politics. Unprecendented visibility and media attention doesn't privilege the experiences of trans people of color or poor, low income, incarcerated, disabled, HIV positive, elderly, or immigrant trans populations. We believe it is critical to build an archive of transgender resistance, resilience, and survival.

Content warning: Many of the interviews here include personal accounts of violence, sexual assault, abuse as children, or trauma. 

For additional information, please contact or 212-621-0552.